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Bob Levinson
Bob Levinson
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Bob Levinson

While I have a particular interest in the economics of high technology industries - and have worked on many matters involving computer hardware and software, aerospace, and other high technology areas - I have also worked on numerous projects involving goods or services that are not typically considered to be “high tech” in nature. I am based in Washington, D.C., but work with clients from around the world.

Prior to entering into private practice I held senior staff and advisory positions in the United States government and taught economics at the university level.

I received my Ph.D. in economics from New York University in 1990, with fields of specialization in Industrial Organization and Public Finance.

I live in the suburban Washington, DC area with my wife, Linda. Our daughter Samantha was recently granted the degree of Master of Science in Public Policy and Management — Data Analytics by the Heinz College School of Public Policy & Management of Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to her time at Carnegie Mellon, Samantha was granted the degrees of Bachelor of Arts in French and Bachelor of Science in Economics by the University of Pittsburgh, where she was a Chancellor’s Scholar at the University Honors College.

During some of my odd moments of relaxation I dabble in photography (particularly of wildlife and nature more generally, including, but not limited to, our cats). I also enjoy tinkering with electronic gadgets, reading science fiction and history, and visiting areas where nature is still unspoiled.

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